A Message from our dear Brother, Clive

Hi Everyone,

Clive sent me a letter….yes, it was actually on paper !

He doesn’t have internet of any sort and yet wanted to connect with you all.

So, he has written a poem for you

3rd March 2020


There is no love like the love of the Lord,

He eradicates anything untoward.

Come sunshine or a shower, He loves us hour by hour.

Like a daffodil blossoming in the Spring,

God’s love is such a beautiful thing.

By day or by night and week after week, He makes us strong, humble, and meek.

The love of God shines like the sun, it can be good, entertaining and fun.

God loves us so much all the time, like a lovely poem singing in rhyme.

God’s love is so wise and so clever, He loves us for ever and ever.

A thing of beauty and so good, it tastes like a precious jewel of food.

God loves us all the time and in anyway, so we all will go to heaven one wonderful day.




The light that shines forth from God, is like stardust descending from above,

Giving love to humankind, to give peace and joy to the mind.

The soul shines to all, all around, to place our thoughts on solid ground.

A gold star -like constellation, in the summer of the imagination.

To have a place in heaven is such bliss, sealed with a godly kiss.


Hope you were blessed.