Churches Together in St Anne’s on the Sea

Revised Constitution Approved 21st February 2020

Churches Together in St Annes will meet approx. 3 times a year to promote co-operation and joint activities between the various Christian Churches in St Annes on the Sea. The intention is that a united Christian witness will be presented to the increasingly non-Christian society in which we live and that the various churches will learn from each other.

Meetings of Churches Together in St Annes will consist of volunteers both lay and clergy who wish to represent their church. It is hoped that at least two or three volunteers, both laity and clergy, from each church in St Annes will come to the meetings. In each case one of these volunteers will be designated the official Representative of that church so that the Churches Together chairperson has one person to liaise with in each church. As many of the clergy have oversight of a number of churches it is anticipated that the Representatives will be from the laity. All present at the meeting will come to an agreement on who is to be the chairperson when a new one is required.

The idea is that things will be kept simple and informal, there will be no need for legal existence, a bank account, officers etc. Where an activity requires public liability insurance, such as the Pentecost Walk of Witness, the activity will be the responsibility of one church who will invite the others to join in. Similarly if there is expenditure, such as the ecumenical Christmas Card to all households in St Annes, one church will pay the invoice and the other churches will reimburse that church with cheques for their share of the cost. Various representatives will take turns in writing the notes of decisions made at the meetings and pass them to the chairperson for checking and circulation.