The present FCSC building was constructed in the late 19th century, opening on Christmas day 1886 as the first purpose-built Baptist church in St.Annes. The original congregation outgrew the building, and in 1910 moved to a new larger building, the present-day St.Annes Baptist Church (visit their website for more information). Subsequently, the original chapel was sold by the Baptists, and transferred to secular use. It was known to be used as a meeting place for the local Liberal club in the 1920s, but became commercial premises in the mid 20th century. During this period, the building saw use as an auctioneers in the 1950s, and later as an antiques salesroom and warehouse.

Subsequent building work saw additional rooms added to the rear of the building, as well as changes to the internal configuration. By the early 21st century the building was falling into disrepair, and planning was sought to substantially redevelop the site into a combined commercial/residential 3-story building. However, these plans were abandoned, and the building was left in a state of disuse. In mid-2013, FCSC secured the purchase of the building, along with permission to restore it to use as a place of worship. The first church service in the building for over a century took place later in the same year.