Monday 6th April 2020

I hope you enjoyed the worship service on Sunday. What a great word from Father God. We are his beloved children, his royal sons and daughters, and his redeemed sons and daughters; freed and forgiven. And what a moving revelation to see what Father God suffered at the crucifixion in order to reconcile us to himself. I feel honoured to be called a child of God. And I am overcome by the lengths God would go to for me. Well, here we are at the beginning of Holy Week. Have you got your posters and your lights up yet? We may not be able to preach the gospel on the streets of St Annes, but we have something powerful and positive to say: God will look after us. He will take us through. He loves us. Let’s pray that the people who pass by our homes will see the message and take hold of that hope. So, what will God share with us today about the glorious cross of Christ? What truth will he impart to us?

Have you ever seen someone, maybe in a railway station, loaded up with baggage, stumbling along trying to get to a train? Maybe you have been shopping with no car and you find yourself bent over, carrying multiple bags of heavy goods. Every step is torture. You think you will never make it home. The thing is, the man at the station is carrying his own clothes. He can’t give them to anyone else. Your bags carry your shopping. You paid for it. You need to take it home.

But don’t we all carry sometimes carry burdens that are not physical. Things have happened to us in the past; things that have hurt us deeply. Some things were done to us. Other things we did to others. But we carry the scars. We cannot undo the past so we cannot be free of the hurt. The pain and grief have become a part of us. We have been shaped by it. We live with it because it is in us. We carry the baggage because it’s our baggage. And so often we struggle and strain under it. But hey; that’s just the way things are right?


In Isaiah 53 v 4 the Lord brings a prophetic word through Isaiah. This word brings his message about the cross, and this truth is power. It says this about Jesus on the cross:

‘He carried our griefs and sorrows.’

The Hebrew words for ‘griefs’ and ‘sorrows’ also mean hurt, and pain. So we now have a message from heaven itself which says: ‘On the cross, Jesus carried all your hurt and pain, grief and sorrows.’

Now, if Jesus carried them, then they must be separate from me. If Jesus carried them, then he had to take them off me. You cannot carry someone else’s burden if they are still carrying it. This word does not say; ‘He carried us’. It says he carried our pain. So, then this pain cannot be part of me. It is distinct; separate. It is baggage, not character. So, here is the truth straight out of the heart of God, who cannot lie. He says, ‘If Jesus carried your pain and sorrows on the cross; then you don’t have to carry them anymore. You believe that he paid the price for your sins, don’t you? It is in that Isaiah reading. Well then, you must therefore also believe the word from the same reading that he carried your pain. If so, my beloved child; you don’t have carry this anymore, it is not a part of you. It is a burden that Jesus has carried. Just let it go. I love you.’

Wow! What a great truth! What a word from the Father. Look at what Jesus did for you on the cross. It’s his gift to you today. Healing isn’t covering over hurts. It is being free from those hurts. Let those burdens go and walk lighter and freer than you have for ages.

Let’s pray; ‘Thank you Father that Jesus has carried my hurts and sorrows. I believe your word and I let go of the pain I’ve been carrying. I want to walk free and by your grace I will.’


This is the message of the cross for you today:

Jesus carried it all. I don’t have to anymore.

Pray today for those in our community who are hurting because of past hurts. Speak that message of the cross to them, Lord. In Jesus name. Amen.

God bless you,

Pastor Steve.