Saturday 11th April 2020

Pastor Steve here. This is the last of my daily messages for the time being. Steve Kemp is going to take over from next Monday. It has been an honour and a privilege to share with you and I hope it has blessed you. Well, here we are on Easter Saturday. Tomorrow of course is Resurrection Sunday. This is our time to celebrate Jesus’ victory of sin, death, the world and the devil. Jesus strode out of that tomb free, fully alive, and full of power. Make sure you watch the YouTube video called ‘Resurrection life’, and whatever you do, celebrate tomorrow; for He is risen! The virus may be rampant, but He is risen. Fear may be strong, but He is risen. Finances may be tight, but He is risen. Circumstances may be hard, but He is risen. What is God’s Word for us this Easter Saturday?

Today we will bring together some of the truths about the cross that you have been reading about in these daily messages. Let’s build a wall of truth that the enemy cannot breach. Each truth demolishes darkness and death but calls forth light and life. Why don’t you proclaim the truths of the cross as you read what I am about to write?  Let’s speak them out together.

I proclaim today that the message of the cross is the dynamite power of God toward me as I am saved. It will release that power into my life.

I declare today that at the cross, the price was been paid for all my sin and I am not required to take the punishment.

I speak out today the words of Jesus from the cross: ‘It is finished’ and declare that the power of sin to control me is finished. I am free today.

I declare today that on the cross Jesus carried my pain and sorrows, so I don’t have to carry them anymore. By his stripes I am freed from the burden of pain and grief. I give my past hurts to him and they are taken, so I am healed and free.

I proclaim today that on the cross I was forgiven of every sin and evil action. I receive that forgiveness and forgive myself as God has forgiven me.

I declare that at the cross the enemy was disarmed, and I will not be intimidated by his accusations or attacks.

I declare today that on the cross Jesus showed me that my church family are my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I will support and care for them by God’s grace.

I declare today that on the cross the gospel was preached, and is available to all sinners. So, I will not judge or turn away from anyone who asks today, for everyone needs salvation.

I proclaim today that at the cross I was forgiven, healed, justified, accepted, reconciled to the Father, delivered from evil, and made whole. This is the power of the cross and I will live in its truth.


The cross leads to only one place: the empty tomb, and eternal life. The cross and the resurrection are irrevocably linked. They cannot be separated. You cannot have one without the other.

At the cross Jesus gives you beauty for ashes; the oil of joy for mourning; the garment of praise for a spirit of heaviness; righteousness instead of sin; life instead of death; grace instead of weakness; mercy instead of judgement; freedom instead of bondage.


Yesterday was Good Friday: all your sin was dealt with there.


Tomorrow in Easter Sunday: all your hopes are realised there.

Today is Saturday: you are free and forgiven and heading for glory.

Corona virus go back to hell where you came from.

Friday’s gone.

Sunday’s coming.

God bless,

Pastor Steve.