Thursday 2nd April 2020

As we approach Easter, we do not have the opportunity to meet together and celebrate our salvation, or to share the gospel in the streets of St Annes. But the truths of what God did at the cross and resurrection are still as real and powerful as ever. So, over the next 10 days or so, we are going to look at the cross of Christ and what it does for us every day. In all our previous Church Easters we have been so busy organising, attending and sharing in our program, that we sometimes may have missed the full, astonishing truth of it all personally. However, this year you can take time each day to meditate on all the Jesus did on the cross, and all that you have because of it. This year the cross comes to you. And it can change your world.

The bible says that the message of the cross is ‘the power of God for those who are being saved.’ 1 Corinthians 1: 18

As we take time to look at different facets of the truth of what happened on the cross, God will send his message into our hearts and lives; and that message will be power. The Greek word used for ‘power’ here is ‘dunemas’. It is where we get the word ‘dynamite’ from. So, you see, God is saying to you today. ‘Get ready! Put your seat belt on; because I am about to release my word into your life, and it will be dynamite. It will blow up the taunts of the enemy. It will annihilate the whispers of fear. It is smash to smithereens the power of sin and sickness.’

Have you ever seen a dynamite explosion? It does not leave anything standing. Buildings are reduced to rubble. This dynamite truth is going to demolish the strongholds of the enemy. My dear brothers and sisters; if you thought the statements of Jesus was powerful just wait until you start taking hold of the message of the cross!

Let’s pray: ‘Lord, so much of my life in these recent days has seemed to be relegated to isolation and weakness. The main drama has been rooted in the Corona virus. But, Lord, today I am changing my focus. I am believing that you will do a transforming work in my life this Easter. I will read your word and believe your word. I will take this message of the cross and walk in it. Change me, Lord. Transform me by your Spirit and Word. Let this be my Easter.’

Pray today for those who have relatives in hospital with the virus today; that God will give them his peace.

So, what is the word of the Lord for you today? ‘Dynamite!’

God Bless you,

Pastor Steve.