Wednesday 1st April 2020

This is the last in the series of Daily Word on the Statements of Jesus. I hope it has been a blessing to you. This message is a kind of summary which brings everything together with a practical suggestion.

As you take each day. I hope you are developing a routine of praying and worshiping and contacting people. Some of us struggle with prayer. We don’t know what to pray and we run out of things quickly. Here is a piece of advice that might help. Often when I pray in the mornings, I have a plan or schedule which is biblical. I start with thanking God for what he has done and what he has given me. I say: ‘Lord thank you for …’ I go through a massive list: my health, home, family, friends etc. Try that out, keep thinking of things and thanking him. There are so many you will be feeling the blessing. After that, I praise God for who he is. ‘I say Lord I praise you because you are great; you are mighty and holy etc.’

But then I move on in praising the Lord. I speak out verses of scripture that speak of who he is and say why that is good. One favourite of mine is the Christmas scripture from Isaiah 9. I praise you Lord because you are my Wonderful counsellor. My mighty God. My everlasting Father. My Prince of peace. After each title, I share about how he counsels me or is mighty or is my Father etc. It builds my faith because I am focusing on him. Another favourite list of mine is the seven I AMs of Jesus that we have just been reading about. This is such a great prayer. Here is an example of how you could pray using the statements.

I praise you Jesus because: You are the light of my world. I cannot live without you. You show me who I am and where I am going. I will not be influenced by the world and the values of the world. I am following you today.

Today, you can walk with the Light of the world. You are highly privileged and honoured. You walk with Jesus. Follow him today and you won’t go far wrong.

I praise you Jesus because: You are my bread of life. You are my food. You are my foundation and my very sustenance. I cannot live without you.

I praise you Jesus because: You are my gate. You are my only gateway to peace, joy, strength and life. You are the way to the Father and everything he gives.

I praise you Jesus because: You are my good shepherd. You are here with me. You look after me. You lead me and you care for me. I do receive your peace

I praise you Jesus because: You are my resurrection and life. You don’t just raise me up from sin and darkness into your kingdom. You resurrect my lost health and hopes and joy. I believe in you. I will not give in to hopelessness today, but I believe in resurrection. Today is my resurrection day!

I praise you Jesus because: You are my way my truth and my life. You are the beginning and the end of everything. You have the last say in my life, not corona. When I look back, I see you. When I look ahead, I see you. Corona is just for a moment, but Jesus you are forever. I worship and praise you.

I praise you Jesus because: You are my vine and I am a branch. I am a part of you, joined to you, connected to you. Without you I can do nothing, Lord I will take time today to abide in you; to walk and talk to you; to worship you. I am yours. We are one. The Most High is my shelter and I will abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

What a great truth to bring to your day today. Jesus is your bread, your light, your gate, your good shepherd, your resurrection and life, your way truth and life, and your vine. Why not try reading out those prayers right now. And then, every day speak them out and declare who Jesus is.

Carry that truth today and you will be blessed.

Pray for all those in the country today who have faced the loss of loved ones and ask the lord to give them his comfort at this time.

God bless you

Pastor Steve.

Tomorrow we start a new theme. Just wait till you get there. It’s going to be awesome!