Wednesday 8th April 2020

It’s me again. How are you doing? I am sure you are praying for our Prime Minister. News like this brings the crisis closer to home and is very disturbing for many. But remember; God is in charge. He holds the keys of death and hell. So, this is our time to rise up and pray. Now, what does God want to say to us today about the cross of Christ?

Put a soldier in the battle with an Automatic Weapon and he’s dangerous. Give him a grenade launcher, or air to air missile and he is deadly. You may not have protection against those things. But if you take those weapons off him then he is on the same footing as you: man to man. When we look at the devil and his influence in this world, we see a very powerful adversary at work. There is so much evil, and crime, and sickness. It’s like he has an arsenal of deadly weapons that we cannot match. How can we possibly survive such an onslaught of evil?

But then we read this astonishing word in Colossians 2: 15. This describes the result of what Jesus did on the cross.

Having (Jesus) disarmed the principalities and powers, He made a spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

At the cross, Satan, and all his hordes, hurled his insults at Jesus. He shouted in glee and victory as he saw the Christ dying in agony. His lifted high his weapons of control and condemnation. He exulted as Jesus said: ‘It is finished.’ And breathed his last. Surely this was victory. He thought he had won the battle against God. The weapons were deadly. But then; something terrifying shook him to the core. The truth of what had just happened thundered like a tidal wave, sweeping over hell itself. The price for sin had been paid. On the cross, the legal grounds Satan had been given for keeping mankind under his control had been destroyed. His weapons had no power against this. He was defeated and disarmed. It had taken place on the cross.

Like any legal judgment, this could not be overturned, rescinded, appealed, or ignored. Sin demanded a life. A life had been given. His celebration turned to ashes. Satan shrieked and wailed in despair. The weapons were gone. He no longer had power and control over the lives of believers. This happened at the cross.

My brothers and sisters; you are saved, born again believers. You have been taken out of the power of darkness and brought into the kingdom of his Son. Jesus rules now; not Satan. The enemy is disarmed, but you have the divine weapons of the Word, the Truth, the Name of Jesus, all the power of heaven.

Satan will still accuse, tempt, lie, oppress. But he cannot control. When he comes, resist him. Use your authority. Command sickness to go; demons to flee. Use the word against temptation. Call forth health and grace. You walk with Jesus now. You serve the King. You carry his name.

When the devil comes to you accusing you just remind him of the cross of Christ and quote the words of the King: ‘It is finished.’

No weapons means no winning. Take this truth into today with you. It was settled at the cross 2020 years ago. There’s no appeal court here. The enemy is disarmed.

Let’s pray: ‘Dear Lord, please forgive me when I see evil and am intimidated by the work of the enemy. Forgive me when I fall for his lies and schemes. I declare that he cannot control me or destroy me. I thank you that I have weapons that are mighty in God to demolish strongholds. I am so blessed today.’


Pray for those who are oppressed and bound in our community today and pray the power of the cross over their lives.


Of course, we are all aware of the recent news about our Prime Minister being taken to the ICU. Let us rise up against this evil virus and command its destruction. Let us pray for God’s love and mercy to fill Boris and bring him to health and salvation. This is the time for the Body of Christ to arise and use its authority.

This week try to focus on the events of the first Holy Week. Read through the gospels. On Thursday we will be attempting to celebrate communion together using Whats App. I know some of you do not have it, but this is what we have at the moment. If you read my Church email today, you will see the instructions on how we are going to do it.

God bless,